CETEMAS is a Forest and Wood Technology Research Centre, founded in 2009, that invests in research and development projects that are vital to the expansion and innovation of forest and wood product-based industries. 

 Our mission is: 

... to promote healthy, diverse, productive and well managed forests and forest-based economies through the efficient, sustainable use of our wood resources.

 ... to promote information exchange among staff engaged in wood-related research and facilitate the shared use of research facilities.

 ... to enhance research programmes and promote technology transfer to end users.

 We are working in the following research areas: 

  • Climate change and its implications for forest management (in particular the use of reproductive forest material) and conservation and genetic breeding of forest resources
  • Models for Strategic Analysis of Forest Management and the Forest Products Supply Chain
  • Technical, economic and environmental optimization of forest harvest operations
  • Operation productivity and biomass production costs
  • Advice and support for forestry stakeholders to rationalize their production process
  • Wood technology: normalization, coatings, preservatives, drying, chemical modification, etc.
  • Physical and mechanical properties of wood-based building products and materials
  • Timber structure technology, mainly bridges

The results of our research and development programs are packaged to facilitate easy adoption by industry with a focus on sustainable growth and profitability

CETEMAS promotes the benefits of wood and wood products to environmentally conscious consumers and businesses, and is well placed to assist the forest and wood products industry in identifying opportunities that arise in a carbon-constrained marketplace


Esta jornada, organizada por NEIKER y EFIATLANTIC en el marco del proyecto europeo Interreg PLURIFOR, tuvo lugar en el Bizkaia Aretoa, Bilbao, el pasado 24 de enero de 2017.



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